When living in a
divided society

has become the norm,
designing meaningful
impact with creativity
may seem

Yet, maybe together
with innovation
as our guide,
take one step
at a time, utilize
the resources at hand
and within reach, and
see what happens next.


Association INNOVATION, DESIGN+EDUCATION (INDI+E) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2023 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are a diverse international collective of creative minds of different generations, including educators and professionals from different fields, united in our efforts to develop and promote innovative practices, technologies, and utilize  design methodologies to help those seeking to innovate. Our approach to innovation is informed by our practical experiences and academic research capacity. This enables us to collaborate, partner, and lead local and international projects to achieve our goals in synergy.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have endured war and continuous crises for the past 30 years, experiencing both the best and worst of human creativity. Driven by innovation and creativity, we try to harness our resilient creativity and creative resiliency to address these challenges and promote positive change that transcends divisions. Many countries and regions worldwide face similar or worse challenges, and global problems such as climate change and technological change affect us all.

Our work at INDI+E includes projects that use creativity to raise awareness about social issues, organizing gatherings to synergize local and international experiences, partnering with companies and institutions to provide opportunities for young creatives, and educating about the potential of creativity using both bottom-up and top-down approaches.

We integrate the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our projects and activities whenever possible. We have friends, supporters, and members from both the “Global South” and the “Global North” who share our passion for responsible creativity.

We invite you to join us by getting involved in our projects or involving us in yours.


Kenan Zekić, Founder

Muamer Spahić, Co-Founder

Lamila Simišić

Emir Hambo

Eija Salmi
Cumulus-Secretary General

Ervin Kovačević
Applied Linguist/Educator

Amna Kunovac-Zekić
Fashion/Costume Designer

Terence Fenn
Educator/Design Researcher

Nikola Radeljković

Jasna Hadžimehmedović-Bekrić
Fashion/Costume Designer

Larisa Halilović
Senior Leadership Development Consultant

Ermina Ušanović

Amar Rahić

Carl Haddrell

Aida Kalender
Cultural Mediator

Džana Ajanović

Tatjana Kovačević-Vidović
Product Designer

Vedad Islambegović

Georg Russegger
Director/LBG Center for Open Innovation

Sabina Hasanbegović
Finance and Operations Expert




WORTH Partnership Project

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the dynamic month since our announcement about the WORTH Partnership Project project, INDI+E has actively engaged with potential participants seeking additional information. We’ve conducted insightful meetings to provide a deeper understanding of the project and its creative possibilities.



A standout moment during this period was our visit to the Secondary School of Applied Art in Sarajevo. Witnessing the enthusiasm and initiative of a group of students, supported by professors from the Secondary School of Applied Art, who decided to apply for the WORTH competition was truly inspiring. INDI+E founder, Kenan Zekic, actively participated in and facilitated an informative session at the school, sharing insights and answering questions to help them explore creative directions. These interactions exemplify our commitment to empowering the next generation of innovators.


What makes this experience even more remarkable is the profound understanding these youngsters and professors have of their context in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite their youth, the students recognize the challenges they face, and the professors, with their wealth of experience, provide invaluable guidance. Together, they understand the importance of taking action for their own future.

At INDI+E, we believe in nurturing creativity at its roots. Our philosophy holds that understanding the context is the first step; awareness of opportunities is already a step forward, and the rest is a persistent effort toward trying and realizing some of those opportunities. Continuous communication and the willingness to help by Ms. Korina Molla, Worth Project Manager, and her team, have been of the utmost help in this journey

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WORTH Partnership Project

Bosnia and Herzegovina

INDI+E has become an ambassador for the WORTH Partnership Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Korina Molla, the WORTH Project Coordinator, for the opportunity to embark on this exciting venture. We deeply appreciate the recognition of our work, initiatives, and potential for collaboration.

The WORTH Partnership Project II is funded by the COSME Program of the European Union. It creates and supports transnational collaborations among designers, creative individuals, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs), crafters/makers, and technology firms aiming to develop design-driven and innovative products. WORTH Partnership Project II is the second edition of the program, which ran from 2017 to 2021. In its first edition, 152 transnational partnerships were selected between 2017-2020, involving 349 partners from 34 EU-COSME countries.

WORTH Benefits

The selected projects will benefit from an incubator program valued at €60,000, which includes:
– A media kit encompassing international media relation activities, advertising, and social media marketing
– Funding ranging from €10,000 to €20,000
– Participation in two international design-related events to showcase the developed products
– A tailor-made mentoring program
– Training
– Opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and participation in networking events
– Professional connections
– Visibility of their professional profiles on the WORTH gallery

It’s important to emphasize that WORTH also sparks the birth of an inclusive community resonating with a shared vision and values centered around design and innovation, aligning seamlessly with INDI+E’s core essence. INDI+E takes great pleasure in introducing Bosnian and Herzegovinian creatives, for the first time, to the valuable opportunities and advantages of joining this transformative project, which has the potential to support social impact.

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8-9 JULY, 2023

IGNITING CHANGE: Design District Brčko Workshop

BKZ Preporod Brčko

Brčko District, BiH

On 8-9 July, INDI+E organized the transformative Design District Brčko Workshop in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This dynamic workshop aimed to unleash the creative potential of young people, equipping them with design thinking methodology to pursue social change in a challenged society. Despite the complexities of the political landscape, a group of young, enthusiastic participants fearlessly delved into the social issues that deeply impact their lives. Guided by the INDI+E team—Kenan Zekić, Lea Leleta, Emir Hambo, Baysal Sumer, and Enida Mulamujić, —the 20 participants showcased their remarkable vision and dedication to addressing the pressing challenges faced by Brčko District.

Through collaborative design thinking exercises, the participants explored innovative strategies to promote advancement, community well-being, and unity amidst the divisions that persist in our society. Their discussions were centered around the transformative potential of design, recognizing it as a powerful tool to drive positive change. The Design District Brčko Workshop serves as a rallying call to harness the collective creative energy of the community. The participants’ ideas and energy have the potential to manifest in tangible projects, public initiatives, and inspiring events that will shape the future of Brčko District. We are eagerly tuned to witness the exciting developments that will arise from this workshop and stand ready to offer support and assistance wherever needed.

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21-23 JUNE, 2023

Public Event
“Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capabilities and challenges in EFAP & EIT KIC
EFAP Forum Sarajevo EFAP/(COST CA18136)

INDI+E, History Museum of BiH

Sarajevo, BiH

The INDI+E collective successfully delivered a dynamic three-day event at the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo from 21st to 23rd June 2023. In partnership with EFAP European Forum for Advanced Practices and COST, we brought together 17 EFAP participants from 11 countries and 28 Bosnian and Herzegovinian creatives and professionals to explore advanced practices, artistic research, creative practices, and the creative industry within the broader concept of the European Union and the Balkan region.

The event commenced with an immersive experience at the History Museum, where participants not only familiarized themselves with the venue but also laid the groundwork for the EFAP White Paper. This document, capturing insights and recommendations, served as a preparation for the subsequent “Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capabilities and challenges in EFAP & EIT KIC” Forum.

On the second day, the forum provided a platform for Bosnian participants to engage in insightful discussions with their international colleagues. Together, they explored the potential of combining Bosnian creative resilience with European practices, artistic research, and the creative industry, seeking areas of complementarity. These discussions aimed to identify opportunities for collaboration, where the unique challenges faced by Bosnia and Herzegovina could be met with innovative solutions inspired by European practices. By embracing this exchange of ideas, we fostered a spirit of cooperation that seeks to bridge gaps and leverage the strengths of both local and European creative communities. The insights gained from these discussions will be invaluable in shaping future initiatives that celebrate the rich tapestry of creativity, artistic research, and promote meaningful connections.

On the third day, we visited esteemed art institutions: Manifesta Gallery, showcasing the achievements of a new generation of creatives; Ars Aevi, an internationally acclaimed art collection symbolizing artistic solidarity during the war; and the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, the oldest, largest, and most significant art education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This event marks the beginning of a promising collaboration, fostering a dynamic creative ecosystem, artistic research, and the growth of the creative industry transcending boundaries. With EFAP participants from 11 countries and Bosnian and Herzegovinian creatives and professionals, our diligent work on the EFAP White Paper, informed by the Forum discussions, will guide future endeavors, creating opportunities and promoting innovation, artistic excellence, and the growth of the creative industry. Together, we aim to shape a pan-European attitude that celebrates diversity, nurtures creativity, and forges meaningful connections.

Stay tuned for future initiatives as we continue our dedication to art, advanced practices, artistic research, creative practices, and the creative industry. Join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of creativity and collaboration.

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7 JUNE, 2023


High School of Applied Art Sarajevo, (US Embassy) American Corner Sarajevo and City Library Sarajevo

Sarajevo, BiH

We recently had an inspiring lecture at the American Corner Sarajevo where Kenan Zekić, INDI+E founder and US alumni, had the opportunity to engage with the students of the High School of Applied Arts Sarajevo. During the session, we explored fascinating topics such as the world of design, the creative industry, and technology. We discussed how innovation and creativity can have a positive impact on our society and shape communities. The students, with their vibrant youth energy, actively participated, sharing their insights and discussing practical examples. We were thrilled to see the students engage with the topics and share their insights during the session.

Kenan shared insightful stories about the potential of design to support positive change and make a difference in the world. He presented successful examples of using design to create positive change, motivating students to consider their strengths and potential roles as agents of change.

We extend our gratitude to US Embassy, American Corner and Sarajevo City Library for making this lecture possible. At INDI+E, we strongly believe in empowering young people to unleash their creative potential. Through transformative workshops and design methodologies, we aim to equip them to address social challenges and contribute to positive change in our society. We believe that creativity and innovation are essential for building strong and resilient communities, especially in challenged societies such as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Fashion Design

Unicredit, ZIRA, Agram polilklinika, Lutrija BiH, BiH Pošte

EVENT TIM, Druga Kuća, Oaza, INDI+E

Sarajevo, BiH

Project “Contour” (Projekat Kontura) was a fashion and art event in Sarajevo City Hall (Vijećnica), inspired by the city’s outlines. “Contour,” created by fashion and costume designers Amna Kunovac-Zekic and Jasna Hadžimehmdović-Bekrić, paid tribute to the resilience, strength and elegance of Sarajevo women through their remarkable creations.

The event aimed to promote female entrepreneurship and support women in their struggle for work, income, independence, and progress. Over the past twenty years or more, the creators of Project “Contour” have provided jobs for numerous employees, as well as education and internships for young people. Despite facing challenges in the underdeveloped and often neglected fashion industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the creators of Project ‘Contour’ have persevered and are proud to have made a positive impact on their community through their contributions and by not giving up. 90% of those involved in this project were women professionals or companies owned by women.

Kontura (Contour) Team

“Contour” was an  event that showcased innovative fashion design, elevating Sarajevo’s cultural and artistic scene. With adequate backing, Project “Contour” has the potential to become an annual review of professional BiH fashion designers, supporting the growth of the fallen fashion industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina. INDI+E was proud to partner with other companies and friends who share our passion for responsible creativity in supporting “Contour”. 

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Speculative Design


INDI+E; IK Vrijeme Publishing House; International University of Sarajevo FASS/VACD Progam

Sarajevo, BiH

Design by Amina Mujić

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the publishing industry faces major challenges, but amidst these difficulties, there are positive examples and innovative initiatives that seek improvement. One such initiative is led by INDI+E exploring new connections between books and readers using digital technologies. Supported by socially responsible Vrijeme Publishing House, the project collaborated with students from the VACD Program at the International University of Sarajevo, guided by Prof. Emir Hambo.

Design by Ivan Štefanjuk

During a dedicated month-long engagement, the students delved into speculative design methods, sparking thought-provoking discussions and exploring innovative possibilities for the future of reading and books.

Design by Emina Memija

The project not only engaged the students but also captured the interest of Vrijeme Publishing House, fostering potential collaborations with young creatives. For their outstanding designs, the students Emina Memija, Amina Mujić, and Ivan Štefanjuk received high praise and appreciation.

This project highlights the transformative potential of blending creativity, education, and industry. It demonstrates how socially responsible and collaborative creativity can bridge the gap between traditional literature and emerging technologies, driving exciting developments in publishing and beyond, despite the industry’s challenges.

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2017 – 2023

Gamification, Landmines Awareness


Bosnia and Herzegovina; USA

The Mine Avoiders project is a gamified approach to landmine awareness and education for children aged 6-10. Gamification is the process of applying game design principles, mechanics, and elements to non-game contexts in order to engage and motivate individuals, enhance learning or productivity, and encourage desired behaviors. It involves using game-like features and techniques to make activities more enjoyable, interactive, and rewarding. The core idea behind gamification is to leverage the inherent motivational aspects of games to drive engagement and behavior change in areas outside of traditional gaming.

It is a mobile game concept designed to help children understand the dangers of landmines and explosive remnants of war. As an engaging, interactive, and educational tool, we believe it can make a significant contribution to addressing the landmine problem worldwide. The project was initiated in 2017 during the author’s stay at Penn State University as part of the Fulbright exchange program sponsored by the United States Government and with the great help of students and professors at the Digital Arts and Media Design Program (DART) within The School of Visual Arts at PSU State University. Mine Avoiders can be adjusted to different geographic locations, making it adaptable and versatile in addressing landmine problems in countries such as Afghanistan, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Syria, etc. This project has the potential to make a significant impact not only in countries affected by landmines but also in regions of conflict such as Ukraine. The proliferation of landmines and other explosive remnants of war there is causing civilian casualties. Our unfortunate experiences with landmines in Bosnia and Herzegovina, combined with scientific and field research, were the driving force behind the development of this innovative concept.

As this project demands collaboration with potential partners, INDI+E is currently in discussions with several globally relevant organizations interested in the project. We believe that Mine Avoiders is an innovative and adaptable solution that can help address the pressing issue of landmines and explosive remnants of war wherever needed. For more information about the Mine Avoiders project or to get involved, please contact us at: info@indipluse.org.

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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